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The foundation of every great landscape is great design. Let our design staff design your landscape, pool, patio, perennial garden or entire property. Once it is designed, we will install the entire project for you.

Mulching- Mulching is a great way to protect your plants and also keep the weeds down. We use the best mulch to protect your garden and plants. Mulch helps prevent weed growth and also maintains moisture in the ground.

Pre-Emergent- Our mulching service includes the application of Treflan, a pre emergent when applied prior to mulching. It will help reduce the amount of weeds in your landscape beds. For pricing all you have to do is call.

Spring Cleanup- Our Spring cleanup service includes, blowing out of all flower beds and lawn areas, cutting down of all perennials, removal of all deadwood on plants and edging of all beds around the property. Mulch is not included but all you have to do is call.

Call to discuss all of your landscaping needs.

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Also visit us at: www.nisuslandscaping.com

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